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Nov 8, 2012 3:00am PST
is a -- the money that we raise goes to staffing, goes to infrastructure, goes to technology and you know, while you can't run advertisements in perpetuity, you can continue to research even in the off-year and you can continue to track candidates and we're going to start early this year. we're going to make sure that by the time that -- by the time we're ready again the other super pacs are ready to run ads and to kind of get into it, we're going to make sure we have the research already done on some of the candidates and this we've been tracking them and so we're not going to stop. >> bill: all right. i gotta tell you, they may have the koch brothers but we have rodell mollineau. we have american bridge. it is very, very excited. and very important. your calls, your questions your comments welcome at 1-866-55-press. we'll be right back here on the "full court press" this thursday morning. >> announcer: this is the "full court press." the "bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. corruption based on corruption.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1